Featured in Jeanne d’Arc Living

Featured in Jeanne d’Arc Living
8 January 2023 PrintedPlant®
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Jeanne d’Arc Living, Issue 1, 2023. Page 1 and 2

PrintedPlant is featured in the first issue of 2023 Jeanne d’Arc Living. The original Danish home magazine is available in different translations (Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, English, German & Dutch). Pls find your copy by searching a shop near you using this link.

Credits: Photography: Leon van den Broek/ Styling Sharon Roest/ Production Jeanne d’Arc Living

Jeanne d’Arc Living, Issue 1, 2023

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The Dutch artist Ger-Jan de Gilde makes beautiful botanical relief prints in small editions. We were allowed to look into his private home and workshop. Here he tells the story of how it all began. Perhaps it can inspire you to realize your own dream.

It started when Ger-Jan de Gilde moved to the countryside after living in Amsterdam for many years where he worked as a fashion designer. Suddenly there was light, space and air. Nature became a great source of inspiration for him and he started photographing. He published a number of books with unique and artistic nature photos.

When the iPad and iPencil were introduced, it became possible to draw nature on a tablet. De Gilde started translating his photos into digital drawings, resulting in two books in 2018: ‘Flora’ and ‘More Flora’. The creative process continued, with De Gilde developing prints based on his photographed and digitally drawn plants. The technique of wood embossing makes it possible to print works in small editions. No print is the same and therefore unique. The embossing gives an unpredictable result every time. The art prints are printed on Clairfontaine paper or on Italian 100% cotton canvas.

The prints, which often reinforce each other in pairs of two, are signed with the Latin plant name, edition number, year and signature of the artist. The print runs per design never exceed 10 pieces. The prints have been exhibited several times in recent years. Go to the website for exhibitions in 2023

Photo captions:

Page 6: The combination of old and new furniture, a robust concrete floor and textiles in warm tones makes the interior in Ger-Jan’s beautiful house very interesting.

Page 7: Every print is carefully checked to see if everything is as it should be.

Page 8: The beautiful prints fit perfectly into the house, both in shape and color. The house is decorated with natural colors and materials in a dark color palette.