PrintedPlant home and leisure textile

PrintedPlant home and leisure textile
5 April 2024 PrintedPlant®

PrintedPlant x Geometry House

From March 2024 PrintedPlant is represented by the Californian print company Geometry House. They produce high quality home and leisure textile made from post-consumer recycled materials and they ship worldwide.
PrintedPlant is represented with 22 original designs which are available in tea and bar towels* as well as in beach, fitness and yoga towels.

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*The tea and bar towels are produced in the Geoweave™ technology (super-absorbent, fast-drying and superior cleaning) the beach towel is produced on Geometry Micro-loop cloth and both yoga and fitness towels are developed in the Geometry technology

PrintedPlant x Geometry House

At Geometry House, we know creativity grows where it’s planted. That’s why we love a good artist’s story. With a new collection from PrintedPlant launching, we took some time to catch up with Ger-Jan de Glide, the artist behind these bold, botanical prints.   

With a career spanning more than three decades in the fashion industry, Ger-Jan’s journey from a fashion designer to a full-time artist illustrates an evolution driven by an unyielding passion for creativity and nature.

From Fashion to Art: A Seamless Transition

Originally graduating as a Fashion Designer from the Art Academy in the Netherlands in 1990, Ger-Jan spent more than thirty years shaping the Dutch fashion landscape. 

“I have worked in fashion for over 30 years for Dutch Fashion companies, the last 20 years as a Head of Design,” he reflects. The year 2021, however, marked a pivotal moment as the beginning of a full-time pursuit as an artist under the banner of PrintedPlant, a one-person company that stands as a testament to Ger-Jan’s singular dedication to artistry.

The Inspirational Muse: Nature and Beyond

Living in a dike house near Amsterdam, surrounded by a garden used to grow vegetables and flowers, Ger-Jan is constantly inspired by his immediate environment. Because of this, his work reflects a deep appreciation for the natural world and its endless possibilities for inspiration. 

“Nature is my biggest inspiration,” he shares, acknowledging how the world around him fuels his creative process. That said, Ger-Jan’s influences are not confined to the natural world alone. 

“In general, I do get inspired by people, fashion, art, all things around me. I guess I will always be a fashion designer next to being an artist.”

The Artistic Process: A Journey from Plant to Print

The journey from observing a plant in its natural habitat to transforming it into a piece of art is both intricate and fascinating. 

“I photograph plants in nature, next: I simplify the shape by sketching the plant digitally,” Ger-Jan explains. “The digital sketch is made into a wooden relief stamp. I use the stamp to create the print by hand, and all colors are mixed by hand. I create pairs of two prints that reinforce each other.” This meticulous process highlights a blend of traditional and modern techniques, resulting in art that is both unique and evocative.

A Legacy of Influence and Style

Like most artists, Ger-Jan credits many artistic giants as influencers of his art. Elsworth Kelly, known for his plant drawings, and Anthony Cudahy’s paintings, among others, have been incredibly influential for PrintedPlant. Ger-Jan describes his own aesthetic as “pure, essential, sometimes bold sometimes refined, with motion and tension in the image but often in a silenced and abstract way.”

Plants in the (Geometry) House

PrintedPlant’s collaboration with Geometry House is a vibrant celebration of art-meets-utility. It’s a collection based on three years of work and especially notable for the tea and bar towels. “Special is the combination of the tea and the bar towels which match in colors and shapes,” Ger-Jan explains, highlighting the unique approach to creating pairs of prints that complement each other, now transformed into practical items for the home.

Explore the World of PrintedPlant

For those intrigued by PrintedPlant, a visit to PrintedPlant on the web or @printedplant on Instagram opens a window into Ger-Jan’s artistic journey. Each piece, a narrative of its own, invites you to explore the depths of creativity where fashion design and art converge, creating a legacy that is both bold and beautifully natural.