Exhibition Amstelland Amstelveen

Exhibition Amstelland Amstelveen
4 July 2024 PrintedPlant®

Exhibition Amstelland Hospital

From July 4 to September 29, 2024 I will be exhibiting at the Amstelland Hospital in Amstelveen in the hallway of the physiotherapy department

You will find an overview of all exhibited works HERE. All works are available for sale: When purchased, the work is reserved until after the exhibition or delivered immediately in consultation. More information? Send an email to info@printedplant.com 

“Ger-Jan de Gilde graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts ABK in Arnhem, the later famous ArtEZ course, in the fashion design department. He subsequently worked as a designer at well-known Dutch fashion brands including Soap Studio, Stills and Turnover.

Ger-Jan, who strives for control and perfection in his fashion designs, allows chance in his free work. The manual nature of the production process always produces unique works in distinctive color schemes.

As a visual artist, he is inspired by nature, especially plants. He photographs and draws them digitally. These digital drawings are cut out into wooden panels that are then glued into stamps. These stamps allow him to reproduce prints by hand, with each print being an original. The prints are hand-printed on paper and canvas.” Press release