Preparing exhibition ‘IJ Kunst Collectief’

Preparing exhibition ‘IJ Kunst Collectief’
27 February 2023 PrintedPlant®

Deciding and positioning the artworks and making the colour scheme

Preparing Exhibition ‘IJ Kunst Collectief’

On April 1 and 2 I will participate in a group exhibition of ‘IJ Kunst Collectief’ in Amsterdam. I will present 12 new works on canvas. In total 40 artists will present their diverse work. Entrance is free. Looking forward to meet you there.

The exhibition is held in the industrial surrounding of NDSM Fuse in Amsterdam. NDSM Plein 29, 1033 WC Amsterdam. April 1 & 2, 11 to 17 hours


My database of previous works helps me to organize the outlook of the exhibition.

I will be presenting 12 new works on canvas (4 large works and 8 medium sized works)