PrintedPlant in the Press

PrintedPlant in the Press
22 December 2021 PrintedPlant®

PrintedPlant in the Press

Groei & Bloei, nr 1, 2024

Featured in Groei & Bloei, issue no 1, 2024

Colourful Wishes

Wish family and friends a happy New Year with the cards from the new series ‘Colourful Wishes’ from PrintedPlant. This series consists of eight folded postcards and eight coloured envelopes. The images are based on photos and drawings of plants. These are made into wooden stamps and reproduced by printing them on 350 gram FSC certified paper. The cards and envelopes are packed in a luxurious, black cardboard box. Suitable for any occasion and also nice to give as a gift.

 ‘Colourful Wishes’ €20 

Margriet Extra WinterBook issue 9, 2023

Featured in Margriet Extra WinterBook issue no 9, 2023

Put on the map

Artist Ger-Jan de Gilde is inspired by plants for his works. He makes a sketch from a photo and then makes a stamp. The result: printed plants. Available as art on the wall, and now also as a postcard set ‘Colourful Wishes’

Production Marlies Huisman

Ariadne at Home, issue 11 2023

Featured in Ariadne at Home issue no 11, 2023

Colourful Postcards 

Under the name ‘Colourful Wishes’, PrintedPlant has launched a series of eight folded postcards – combined with eight coloured envelopes.

The postcards are designed by (fashion)designer Ger-Jan de Gilde, whose work is inspired by nature. The set is presented in a luxurious black cardboard box.

‘Colourful Wishes’ Postcard box


Margriet Extra September 2023

Featured full page in Dutch Magazine Margriet September 2023

Happy wall

Beauty can often be found in small things. The artists in this reportage were inspired by their immediate surroundings, in their home and in their garden.
Cut out your favourite, frame and hang it.
(production and text: Monique Zevenhuizen)

Ger-Jan de Gilde started his career as a fashion designer. After moving (out of town), his fascination for plants and letting go of perfection arose.

Ginkgo Biloba, 2023, PrintedPlant: This original work is available HERE

VT Wonen nr 3 (March 2023)

PrintedPlant’s studio and home is featured  in VT Wonen of March 2023. 

The studio and interior of Ger-Jan is featured in a 14 page special in VT Wonen (Hollands leading interior magazine)

Read the full article HERE


Libelle Living Spring 2023, both prints are sold, you can find similars here

PrintedPlant is featured in Libelle Living of February 2023 as part of the article ‘The Art of Collecting’

‘Plant Splendor’

Designer Ger-Jan de Gilde makes limited edition botanical relief woodcut prints on paper and canvas. His PrintedPlant prints are handmade with stamps lasered out of wood.

From €99 (

Both prints are sold, you can find similars here


Jeanne d’Arc Living (Denmark) Issue 1, 2023. A 8 page reportage portraying my home and studio

Jeanne d’Arc Living (Denmark), issue 1, 2023

Art Prints in a unique technique

PrintedPlant is featured in the first issue of 2023 Jeanne d’Arc Living. The original Danish home magazine is available in many different translations: Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, English, German or Dutch. Pls find your copy by searching a shop near you using this link.

Credits: Photography: Leon van den Broek/ Styling Sharon Roest/ Production Jeanne d’Arc Living

Read the full article

PrintedPlant is featured in the March 2022 appendix magazine ‘TUIN’ (‘GARDEN’) of Dutch magazine ‘Libelle’

PrintedPlant is featured in the March 2022 appendix magazine ‘TUIN’ (‘GARDEN’) of Dutch magazine ‘Libelle’

Nature on the wall

When (fashion) designer Ger-Jan de Gilde moved to the countryside in 2002, nature became his greatest source of inspiration. He makes art prints with wooden stamps, based on his photos and digital drawings of plants. Each work is a unique and bears the Latin plant name, a signature of the maker, the edition number and year.

Dutch magazine Groei & Bloei issue nr. 1 January/ February, 2022

PrintedPlant is featured in Dutch Garden magazine ‘Groei & Bloei’ in nr 1 (Jan/ Feb 2022)

‘Plants on the wall’

Brighten up your interior with art prints from PrintedPlant. Photos and drawings form the basis of these images. Wooden stamps are made from this, with which the works are printed manually. The prints are original and are signed with the Latin plant name, the edition number, year and the maker’s signature.

Available in different prints and sizes. From €100 (without frame). 20% off a pair of prints (set of two).

Do you want to win this pair of prints? Fill in your details: ‘MAIL & WIN’ and you might get lucky.


Dutch magazine ‘Wendy Magazine’ issue  Autumn 2021

‘Wendy Magazine’ nr Autumn 2021


The Original Plant Print, Monstera Deliciosa/8 in sand/ bordeaux is featured in Dutch magazine Wendy Autumn 2021 magazine   October 2021 in the story ‘New Energy’.

Print is SOLD


Dutch magazine ‘Eigen Huis & Interieur’, issue 3 May/ June 2021.

‘Eigen Huis & Interieur’ nr 3 May/ June 2021


When Ger-Jan de Gilde moves to the countryside after years in the Amsterdam fashion world, he is seized by a new source of inspiration: plants and leaf shapes. What starts out as photography will shift to digital drawing on a tablet in 2017. He uses these drawings to make wooden stamps, which serve as the basis for prints. And therein lies the fascinating thing, because each print naturally has its own personality.

De Gilde makes them on 180 grams paper in editions of no more than ten.
Format A2, €100.


Dutch magazine ‘Stijlvol Wonen’ issue April/ May 2021)

‘Stijlvol Wonen’  issue April/ May 2021


“PrintedPlant is the brainchild of Ger-Jan de Gilde. As a fashion designer he designed for Soap Studio, Stills, Turnover and Claudia Strater. He draws stylized plants based on his own nature photos, which he then converts into stamps by cutting them from wooden plates. This is how PrintedPlant was born. He prints his drawings on paper in various sizes and colors. 59.4 x 84 cm, € 200.”

(text and compilation ‘Update’: Anneleen Peeters) ‘Stijlvol Wonen website’

The featured print Rubus Idaeus/1 on A1 format is sold, a similar work is available: Original Plant Print, Rubus Idaeus/8. Other available works on A1 format you can find in the shop.


Dutch magazine ‘Seasons Magazine’, issue nr 4 (April 2021). A full page featuring some Print works, behind the scenes images and interior image.

Seasons Magazine nr 4 (April 2021)


Fashion designer Ger-Jan de Gilde receives light, air and space on a silver platter when he moves from the city to ‘the country’. Nature becomes his source of inspiration and he starts photographing. A creative outlet next to his job for which he travels a lot to cities such as London, Paris and Hong Kong. The pictures of plants inspire him to make drawings on the iPad. In turn, those digital drawings form the basis for the wood lasered stamps with which Ger-Jan creates these beautiful botanical prints by hand.

The prints come in a limited edition (never more than 10). Size 42 x 59.4 cm costs € 100 each, See live? From April 1 to May 24 Ger-Jan will exhibit his work at De Tuinen van Mien Ruys in Dedemsvaart, the Netherlands,

Dutch magazine VT Wonen magazine, issue nr 3 (March 2021). Full page of my Salix Viminalis print in the appendix ‘On the Wall’.

VT Wonen Magazine nr 3 (March 2021) appendix ‘On the Wall’


Orange is the new white: anything that flirts with terracotta or anything that comes close is hot in the home trend. Think shades like pottery, pumpkin and orange.
>> Botanical relief print in small edition, Salix Viminalis/4, color terracotta with warm grey, A2 size (42 x 59.4 cm) €100, (

The featured print Salix Viminalis/4 is sold.


PrintedPlant in the press in 2024

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PrintedPlant in the press in 2023

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PrintedPlant in the press in 2022

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PrintedPlant in the press in 2021

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  • Stijlvol Wonen
  • Seasons Magazine
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Thanks to all editors of all these beautiful magazines! I am grateful for the attention and meeting such a nice art loving crowd!